Did Schiff Hand Classified Docs To Biden? People Are Waking Up To The [D] Party Con – Ep. 3087 – x22report

​Watch The X22 Report On Video The predictions have failed, the gnd is dead, the people are seeing for the first time that the Co2 level has nothing to do with the temperature.  CA will destroy itself and the [CB] is now making their move on alternative currency because they 

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[DS] Is About To Take The Bait, The FBI/DOJ Are In The Crosshairs, The End Of An Empire – Ep. 3086 – x22report

​Watch The X22 Report On Video The economy continues to break down and the [CB] and corrupt leaders are taxing the people, the people are going to reach the precipice very soon. The GND is dead all predictions have not come true plus the scientist are corrupt because they are 

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Stunning TV interview (in Australia!) on the Hunter Biden laptop evidence

You are not supposed to know about the contents of the laptop computer that Hunter Biden neglected to retrieve from a repair shop in Delaware.

The 2020 election was fixed by the suppression of the evidence on it, and the deep state – in the form of 51 former intelligence officers – saw to it that it was falsely dismissed as Russian disinformation and rendered null and void as a factor in determining a significant number of votes. Continue reading “Stunning TV interview (in Australia!) on the Hunter Biden laptop evidence”

The Evidence Is Building, Panic In DC, Pain, Justice, Backchannels Are Important, Boom – Ep. 3085 – x22report

​Watch The X22 Report On Video The green new deal continually falls apart, the earth is getting cooler not warmer. The entire agenda of the [WEF] is failing. The jobs numbers are manipulated we are in a recession heading towards a recession. Biden is losing his SC cases. The [DS] 

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Did The Patriots Take Control Of [DS] Agenda?Election Interference,Nov 3rd, All System Go – Ep. 3084 – x22report

​Watch The X22 Report On Video The more the [WEF] pushes the worse it gets, their fake meat is now being reported that it will do more harm to the environment than natural meat. The economy is falling apart and now the fake numbers that are used to convince us 

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Charles Hugh Smith – Countries Realize Globalism Is Not The Future, Self Reliance The Path Forward – x22report

​Charles is Financial writer and book author,Charles newest book is Self Reliance, Charles begins the conversation talking about the economy and how the economy has reached a point of no return. Charles also mentions that globalism is dead and countries are now moving back to nationalism. The world is changing 

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Trump Counters The Border Invasion, How Do You Sneak One In, Change Of Batter – Ep. 3082 – x22report

​Watch The X22 Report On Video The UK is having a problem, the food prices are rising and now they are putting a bandaid fix on it, they want the supermarkets not to raise prices. The debt ceiling negotiations are falling apart, the deal is terrible, but this is noise, 

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[DS] Pushing [FF] Narrative, Insurrection Act Of 1807, Shot Heard Around The World – Ep. 3081 – x22report

​Watch The X22 Report On Video The climate change hoax has fallen apart, the predication are lies and the people see through them. The debt ceiling was another sideshow. The only way to rid ourselves of this is to remove the [CB] system. People are now turning to alternative currency. 

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[DS] Showed The People The Blueprint To Beat Them, Puzzle Coming Together – Ep. 3080 – x22report

​Watch The X22 Report On Video John Kerry is now pushing the idea that farmers need to stop growing food. They are coming after the farmers to make us eat bugs. The [CB] is now in the process of destroying themselves. The debt ceiling was never the issue, it is 

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[DS] Lost Control Of The People, Trump Pivots And Fires A Shot, Optics Are Important – Ep. 3079 – x22report

​Watch The X22 Report On Video The D’s are losing the debt ceiling battle, the are playing a game of chicken and they will flinch first because the people are not with them on this, they are are out of touch. Banks begin to ask why you want your cash, 

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