Agenda47: Ending Biden’s War on the Suburbs That Pushes the American Dream Further From Reach

Mar-a-Lago, FL— President Donald J. Trump announced his plan to end Joe Biden’s war on America’s suburbs in a new Agenda47 video. Biden’s proposed rule that every state, county, and city submit “equity plans” to the federal government will push the American dream out of reach for countless American families.

“The woke left is waging full scale war on the suburbs, and their Marxist crusade is coming for your neighborhood, your tax dollars, your public safety, and your home,” President Trump said. “When I get back into the Oval Office, one of my first acts will be to repeal Joe Biden’s radical left attack on the suburban lifestyle.”

Biden’s extremist agenda to destroy America’s suburbs calls for the federal government to abolish zoning for single family homes, destroy property values by building giant multifamily apartment complexes in the suburbs, and force communities to pay for low-income housing developments.

This Biden power grab will put radical left-wing bureaucrats in charge of micromanaging Americans’ neighborhoods and communities.


BIDEN’S WAR ON THE SUBURBS: The Biden administration has proposed a new rule that would result in a federal takeover of the suburbs.

Biden recently proposed a rule that will require every state, county, city, and town to submit a so-called “equity” plan to impose the left’s Marxist housing agenda on your communities.

This Biden power grab will put radical left-wing bureaucrats in charge of micromanaging Americans’ neighborhoods and communities.

The Biden administration will use the power of the federal government to abolish zoning for single-family homes and destroy property values by building giant multi-family apartment complexes in the suburbs.

Biden’s new rule would allow unelected Washington bureaucrats to coerce over 1,200 cities and counties into complying with their mandates rather than allowing each community to make decisions based on their individual needs.

Instead of promoting housing fairness, these regulations will push the American dream out of reach for countless minority families.

From 2010-2020, the largest growth in the suburbs came from racial minorities, including Hispanic Americans and Black Americans. A majority of Black and Hispanic Americans now live in the suburbs.

DESTROYING COMMUNITIES: Biden has a long history of waging war on homeownership and the suburban way of life.

The Obama-Biden administration issued the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule (AFFH), which stripped local communities of their decision-making authority.

Like Biden’s new housing rule, AFFH would have destroyed our suburbs by imposing crippling regulations on local governments and communities and allowing the federal government to dictate local zoning decisions.

Biden’s 2021 infrastructure bill included plans to coerce state and local jurisdictions to eliminate single-family zoning.

During his 2020 campaign, Biden supported a proposal to withhold federal funding for road repair from suburbs that do not get rid of single-family zoning.

The Biden administration introduced emissions standards that would drive up the price of vehicles, making a new car unaffordable for millions of Americans and making it more difficult for many families living in the suburbs to commute to work.

Biden’s policies have led to an inflation crisis that has caused home and mortgage prices to skyrocket, pricing 18 million families and individuals out of the housing market last year.

SAVING THE AMERICAN DREAM: President Trump has promised to save America’s suburbs and help people from all backgrounds achieve the American dream of homeownership.

President Trump will immediately repeal Biden’s radical regulatory push to end the suburban way of life.

This agenda builds upon President Trump’s actions during his administration to protect our suburbs by repealing the Obama-Biden administration’s AFFH rule.

President Trump recently announced that he will hold a competition to build new Freedom Cities on the frontier to give countless Americans a new shot at homeownership.

President Trump has also promised to launch a special initiative to lower the cost of a new car and the cost to build a single-family home.

President Trump made it easier for Americans to buy a new car by repealing Obama-Biden-era fuel standards with the SAFE Vehicles Rule which was projected to lower the price of new vehicles by $2,200.

President Trump’s deregulatory achievements put more money in American families’ pockets, saving the average American household an extra $3,100 each year, and especially helping low income Americans increase their purchasing power by up to 15%.




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