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Agenda47: Eradicating Joe Biden’s Sinister “Equity” Executive Order That Has Led to the Woke Takeover of the U.S. Government

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Mar-a-Lago, FL – As Joe Biden recently announced his Marxist executive order that seeks to impose racist and woke sexual ideology across the federal government, President Donald J. Trump has pledged to eradicate any attempt to weaken America’s institutions through these harmful and discriminatory “equity” programs.

Instead of making decisions based on merit or qualifications, these policies from Biden are enforced based on skin color and sexual identity.

Watch President Trump’s new video about Biden’s woke equity policies (With Spanish subtitles).

“Biden is weaponizing every tool of government power to push this racism and this Communism and Marxism,” President Trump said.

“I will instruct the Department of Justice to make clear that any such discrimination is completely and totally illegal, and to investigate the unlawful domination and discrimination and civil right abuses carried out by the Biden administration.”

All staff, offices, and initiatives connected to Biden’s un-American policy will be immediately terminated. President Trump will create a team to review and reverse actions under Biden’s “equity” agenda and request Congress to establish a restitution fund for those unjustly discriminated against by these destructive policies.


Every institution in America is under attack from this Marxist concept of ‘equity.’… I will get this extremism out of the White House, out of the military, out of the Justice Department, and out of our government.” — President Donald J. Trump, March 2, 2023

RESTORING THE AMERICAN PROMISE OF EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER LAW: President Trump will eliminate all race and sex-based discrimination throughout the federal government.

On day one, President Trump will revoke Biden’s Marxist DEI executive order, and reinstate the Trump 2020 executive order banning stereotyping based on race and sex in the federal government.

President Trump will instruct the Department of Justice to make clear that any such discrimination by the U.S. government is illegal.

The Trump administration will investigate the unlawful discrimination and civil rights abuses carried out by the Biden administration.

President Trump will immediately terminate all staffers hired to implement Biden’s policy and eliminate all related offices and initiatives.

President Trump will create a special team to rapidly review every action taken by federal agencies under Biden’s “equity” agenda that will need to be reversed.

President Trump will ask Congress to create a restitution fund for Americans who have been unjustly discriminated against by these “equity” policies, and he will restore a merit-based federal civil service.

A WOKE TAKEOVER OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Joe Biden recently signed executive order is designed to embed Marxist ideology in every part of the federal government.

Biden’s order requires that nearly every federal department and agency establish an “equity” enforcement squad to implement a woke takeover of the entire federal government.

The Marxist concept of “equity” involves the sinister practice of awarding jobs and benefits and enforcing government programs based on skin color or sexual identity rather than on merit and need.

Biden’s order weaponizes every tool of government power to push this Marxism and Communism.

Under Biden’s order, within 30 days, over 20 agencies including the Treasury, the Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Defense will be required to implement an “Agency Equity Team.”

These teams will be tasked with infusing radical left-wing concepts and training throughout the federal workforce as well as submitting annual equity plans to a new White House Steering Committee on Equity.

A member of Biden’s administration recently admitted that the goal is to put the concept of equity “at the center of how this government operates.”

Biden’s order re-establishes discrimination in America’s federal programs and forces the creation of an insidious system that discriminates based on race and sex.

BIDEN’S DISCRIMINATORY AGENDA: The Biden administration has a long history of abandoning the principles of equal treatment for all Americans and pursuing discriminatory and Marxist policies instead.

From day one, Biden has made it his mission to infuse radical policies into the federal government. Biden abolished President Trump’s 1776 Commission and quickly rolled out an education agenda that encourages teaching American children to erase the Declaration of Independence and its timeless truth that “all men are created equal.”

Last year, the Biden administration released 25 “equity action plans” that effectively call for allocating government resources based on an individual’s race or identity rather than need.

Multiple judges have found that the Biden administration has engaged in unconstitutional discrimination under the guise of “equity.”

The Biden administration attempted to grant loan forgiveness to certain groups of farmers while excluding others before the program was blocked by a federal judge.

Another federal judge found that the Biden administration was engaging in race based discrimination in the allocation of COVID relief to restaurant owners.

The Biden administration and Democrats have also used “equity” as a catch-all term to justify each one of their radical policies, from the Green New Deal to defunding the police.




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