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Agenda47: President Trump’s Plan to Dismantle the Deep State and Return Power to the American People

Agenda47: President Trump’s Plan to Dismantle the Deep State and Return Power to the American People

Mar-a-Lago, FL—President Donald J. Trump announced a bold plan to return power back to the American people by cleaning out the Deep State, firing rogue bureaucrats and career politicians, and targeting government corruption.

This plan will also end the ongoing weaponization of the justice system that targets its political enemies simply because of their political or religious beliefs.


“I will shatter the Deep State, and restore government that is controlled by the People.” – President Donald J. Trump

CLEAN OUT THE DEEP STATE: President Trump has announced a ten-point plan to dismantle the deep state and reclaim our democracy from Washington corruption:

1. On Day One, re-issue 2020 executive order restoring the president’s authority to fire rogue bureaucrats.

2. Overhaul federal departments and agencies, firing all of the corrupt actors in our National Security and Intelligence apparatus.

3. Fundamentally reform the FISA courts, ensuring that corruption is rooted out.

4. Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to declassify and publish all documents on Deep State spying, censorship, and abuses of power.

5. Launch a major crackdown on government leakers who collude with the media to create false narratives, pressing criminal charges when appropriate.

6. Make every Inspector General’s Office independent from the departments they oversee, so that they do not become protectors of the deep state.

7. Establish an independent auditing system to continually monitor our intelligence agencies to ensure that they are not spying on our citizens or running disinformation campaigns against the American people.

8. Continue Trump administration effort to move parts of the federal bureaucracy outside of the Washington Swamp, just like President Trump moved the Bureau of Land Management to Colorado.

Up to 100,000 government positions could be moved out of Washington.

9. Ban federal bureaucrats from taking jobs at the companies they deal with and regulate, such as Big Pharma.

10. Push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress.

FIRE ROGUE BUREAUCRATS AND CAREER POLITICIANS: President Trump’s plan will ensure that federal bureaucrats and politicians are held accountable to the American people.

Currently, removing corrupt or poor-performing federal workers is time consuming and cumbersome. Firing underperforming employees takes a year or longer, and is often completely impossible.

One study found that over a ten-year period, federal employees were fired at a rate of less than one in one thousand per year.

Additionally, Congressional term limits are necessary to curb the rise of career politicians—the reelection rate for House members is 94% and over the past half century has not fallen below 80%. The re-election rate for the Senate in 2022 was 100% and has not fallen below 75% since 1982.

TARGET GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION: President Trump’s plan targets the corruption that has plagued our federal government and harmed Americans.

The Biden administration has weaponized the FBI and DOJ to target conservatives, Christians, and their political enemies.

A leaked and since-withdrawn FBI memo recently revealed that FBI agents were likening traditional Catholics to “domestic terrorists.”

Bureaucrats from the FBI and DHS directly colluded with social media companies during the 2020 election to censor Americans’ speech.

During the Russia collusion hoax, government officials routinely selectively leaked information to the media to further their anti-Trump narrative.

The FISA Court process was corrupted by the Obama-Biden administration.

In the leadup to the 2016 election, the FISA court issued multiple warrants to spy on members of the Trump campaign that were later declared invalid by the Justice Department Inspector General because the FBI made “material misstatements” in obtaining them.

The Justice Department’s Inspector General found that in their applications for FISA warrants, the FBI made 17 significant “errors” and “omissions.”

The Justice Department’s Inspector General found that the “central” piece of evidence the FISA warrants relied on was opposition research from the Clinton campaign.

An FBI lawyer admitted that he forged an email in an attempt to ensure that the Obama-Biden administration’s spying on the Trump campaign through FISA warrants could continue.




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