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Irregular Warfare, 1000 Fronts War and The Narrative.

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The chess analogy is perfect now. It describes how we have been deceived, manipulated and controlled in the last decades until the Trump Presidency.
Just like in a chess match, the manipulation that those who want to control us have done, has been — and continues to be — done. On multiple layers, multiple subjects, and multiple fields, all at once.

To understand all this manipulation and to have a panoramic view of the situation, we have to cover several subjects. These subjects can be social, political, racial, economic, spiritual, all at the same time.

And just like chess players, we need to have a panoramic vision of the past, present and future. What has already been done, what is being done and, consequently, the future possibilities that may appear based on those previous actions.

That way we can keep in mind the future “chess moves” that can lead us to victory.

Why? Because the opponent is playing the same way.

1000 Fronts War

There’s a phrase that Gregg Phillips from True The Vote mentioned recently that also perfectly describes another analogy: “1,000 fronts war.”
And this very short sentence describes the current situation as well.

Why 1,000 Fronts?: Because the attacks are being carried in 1,000 different fronts or subjects, like we described above.

Why the use of the word ‘war’?: Because although we do not see military mobilization of equipment and troops, what is currently happening is a war. But an irregular war, where the main battlefield is deployed — again — on one thousand fronts. Political, economic, social, cultural, mental, informative, etc.

Within these “1,000 fronts” one of them is key: The narrative.

The Narrative

The narrative is usually manipulated by Mainstream Media. With their large amounts of audience thanks to their reach, they can put in the minds of the population, the narrative that is most convenient for those who control these media.

But in the last 20 years the power to control that narrative has shifted from the mass media to the general public.

With the rise of social media and the proliferation of Internet access to large numbers of people. This shift happened through mobile electronics devices that are no longer just phones but literally pocket computers.

When the would–be controllers saw their narrative control and power slipping away from their hands, they began to control social media as well. And under the guise of “hate speech”, they began to censor anyone who posts anything that go against their narrative.

Narrative is a powerful tool, because as I said above, it puts things in the mind of the public that (believe it or not), gives power to that information. And collectively, the people can generate any situation — positive or negative — based on that information or narrative.

This is why the media is so important, because the main theater of action in the irregular war of the 21st century is the control of the narrative.

The narrative can bring down those who try to control the planet. As long as We The People get closer to the truth, without restrictions or censorship.


Besides the control of the narrative we must also keep in mind that infiltration and disinformation can occur. So the control of the narrative must be accompanied by a good sense of discernment.

That way we will avoid falling into the game of infiltrators. Also critical thinking is recommended. To avoid those who can publish things that are not true and try to dirty the narrative. If we keep the narrative clean, it can lead us to the truth and consequently, to the victory and freedom.

Let’s use the available tools to get closer to the truth. Let’s not fall into the manipulation of the would–be controllers. It is my opinion that now more than ever, we are really getting closer to true freedom. Because despite the restrictions, we, the public, are more in control of the narrative than those who want to control us.

Let’s continue in this information fight. We can take and keep control of the narrative to help us get closer to the truth.

We are the news now.

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