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President Trump’s Opinion On Revenge

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Donald Trump is a character loved by more and more people and hated by fewer and fewer people, as the public begins to recognize certain actions he took during his administration.

However, before entering politics, Donald Trump was a real estate billionaire who was part of the American Jet Set and as such, attracted many other characters of all kinds to his environment, interacting with him both personally and in business, having all this as a result encounters and disagreements with other people.

During his career, President Trump wrote, together with other authors, books of business advice and recommendations to succeed in life.

In the book Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life published on September 30th 2008, there is more than a paragraph dedicated to revenge.

In one of those paragraphs, Trump says the following:

If we consider these words from Trump in the field of business, we could deduce that this is his tactic for life in general, even in politics.

On the back cover of the book there is a sentence that says the following:

Revenge: how and when to get it (and why it’s so sweet).

Donald J. Trump

If we consider these words, we could speculate that now that Trump is well into politics, many corrupt politicians have no idea what awaits them when Trump gets his revenge.



Think Big – book by Donald J. Trump and Bill Zanker.

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