US Customs and Border Patrol Requests Bids from Builders for Border Infrastructure

Yet another contradiction between the actions of the Biden administration and one of the US government agencies, this time, the Department of Homeland Security and the Customs and Border Patrol.

A report by John Solomon for Just The News reads as follows:

“Customs and Border Patrol (Customs and Border Patrol) is soliciting bids of up to $400 million to build barriers along the southern border.”
“Contractors are requested to design and build ‘border barriers, anti-climb elements, application zones, roads, gates, bridges, drainage control, livestock barriers, lighting, detection systems, cameras, towers and fiber communication,'” according to the Department of Homeland Security Request released Tuesday.”

Screenshot of the request for bids for the construction of border infrastructure, at the time of publication of this article.

“Although President Biden promised when he took office not to build ‘another foot’ of a border wall, the Department of Homeland Security has already announced some construction plans. Earlier this year, the agency said it would close gaps in the Arizona border wall.”

While it’s nice that this addition to the border is being planned, it’s curious (to say the least) that it’s being done, even against what is ostensibly the Biden administration policy.


Border wall photo:


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